The Maryland Energy Innovation Accelerator (MEIA) has been designed to combine the expertise of Maryland inventors, researchers, founders, and entrepreneurs with strategic partners, local business executives, and service providers to further advance their technology and create new, investible clean energy businesses.

Where most early stage commercialization programs place inventors squarely in the leadership role, MEIA enables inventors to decide how involved they want to be, and what role they want to take. MEIA facilitates the creation of new businesses by bringing in lots of help to spread the workload and accelerate the customer development process. Multi-disciplinary teams are built around technologies through a unique Energy-Executives-in-Residence program that allows time-strapped professionals an opportunity to experience the Lean Startup process. Additionally, Strategic Partners and Sponsors are critical for providing financial, in-kind and mentoring support.

MEIA facilitates early-stage technology commercialization in partnership with Maryland-based Universities and Labs to support Maryland's Clean Energy and Climate Goals. MEIA can support solar, wind, batteries, energy efficiency, grid modernization, carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS), and any other technology that reduces greenhouse gas emissions or provides negative emissions benefits in the electric, oil and gas, residential, commercial or industrial sectors.

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