Property Owner Overview

C-PACE is a powerful tool to fund capital-intensive building retrofit and new construction projects. With no initial cash contribution, property owners can finance 100% of qualifying improvements at competitive loan terms with repayment terms of up to 30+ years. Developers use PACE to reduce the overall cost of capital of their financial “capital stack” by replacing expensive mezzanine debt or equity with C-PACE.

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C-PACE Requires 0% Down & Allows Long Payback Periods

  • Building owners can be cash flow positive from day one
  • Underwriting is focused on the underlying building
  • Accessible to those with non-investment grade credit
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C-PACE Transfers with Title and to Tenants

  • Buildings may sell before full payoff; the outstanding
    balance transfers to the new building owner
  • For buildings where tenants pay energy bill but owner
    finances upgrades, the owner may be able to pass
    financing costs to tenants
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Owners with Tax Appetite Love C-PACE

  • Allows for full realization of tax credits - including solar
    investment tax credit (ITC)
  • Allows for accelerated depreciation benefits (MACRS)
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Immediate Net Operating Income Improvement

  • Increases net operating income (NOI) - C-PACE projects
    are often cash flow positive
  • Doesn't tie up balance sheet with debt
  • Efficiency improvements increase value of underlying asset