MCEC Enters Procurement and Technical Support MOU to Assist Baltimore County with Meeting Energy and Sustainability Goals

Earlier this month, MCEC entered into a Procurement and Technical Support MOU with Baltimore County to assist with increasing the County’s ability to evaluate, prioritize and meet energy and sustainability goals.

MCEC offers neutral third party technical and financing capability to help partners implement energy measures efficiently, and has the capacity to facilitate procurement as a service by assisting with project design, development, and financing to move institutions more quickly through the process.

This five-year agreement outlines the following areas for MCEC to offer assistance to Baltimore County:

  • Evaluation, development, implementation and/or financing of energy projects and programs
  • RFP development
  • Proposal evaluation for clean energy and EPC projects
  • Siting and location of renewable energy technologies
  • Procurement strategy and process

The County has also requested that MCEC provide expertise in order to develop, and potentially implement, certain energy related initiatives and tasks put forth in their Executive Orders 2021-005, “Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design”; and 2021-012, “Forging a Strong Renewable Energy Policy.”

Contact MCEC to discuss ways the Center can provide technical resources, and financing support for your energy projects.