Maryland Needs Nuclear Power to Meet its Clean Energy Goals

Maryland is at a crossroads when it comes to its energy future. The damage caused by burning fossil fuels is already at our doorsteps in Maryland and can be felt around the country. In the US, air pollution is responsible for around 100,000 premature deaths each year and costs the U.S. $1 trillion per year. These figures only stand to worsen as we feel more of the impacts of climate change. Now is the time to look to other solutions for safe, clean, and reliable energy. Fortunately for Maryland, it does not have to look far. 

Currently almost 40% of energy in Maryland – and over 80% of its carbon-free energy – is generated from the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power plant. Nuclear energy is foundational to the state meeting its clean energy targets, while providing low-cost energy, good-paying jobs and stimulating the local economy.

The simple fact is that nuclear energy is one of our most reliable and efficient sources of electric power at our disposal today. It is able to operate 24/7/365 and balance the variable output of solar and wind power. Nuclear plants routinely operate at a 100 percent power, even during extreme weather, such as cold snaps and heat waves, making it essential for a resilient energy grid.  

Marylanders are ready for a clean energy future. According to research from our coalition, Nuclear Powers Maryland, nearly everyone (91%) says it’s important for state officials to enact policies that reduce carbon emissions. Moreover, the research shows that reducing carbon emissions is not a partisan issue; a strong majority (74%) of Republican voters are expecting state policies that remove carbon emissions from the air.

The nuclear industry is also a key economic engine in Maryland. Statewide, the nuclear energy industry supports nearly 1,200 full-time jobs, and contributes nearly $15 million in state tax revenues every year – funding libraries, schools, and other critical services. Nuclear power saves consumers an average of 6% on their electricity bills and contributes approximately $60 billion to the country’s GDP annually.

Article submitted by Nuclear Powers Maryland, representing nearly 20 companies, non-profits, local governments and other organizations who are committed to highlighting that nuclear energy is an essential tool, in the present and our future, for achieving 100% clean energy in the state and averting the worst impacts of the climate crisis.