Maryland Clean Energy Center Celebrates 15 Years of Clean Energy Knowledge, Connections, and Access

15 years since the organization was founded, the Maryland Clean Energy Center prepares to celebrate the momentous milestone.

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – The Maryland Clean Energy Center (MCEC) proudly celebrates its 15th anniversary starting July 1, 2024. MCEC was founded by SB977/HB1337, establishing the Maryland Clean Energy Center and required MCEC to act as a clearinghouse of information regarding clean energy. MCEC was created to fund and facilitate a clean energy future. To fulfill its mission MCEC offers procurement and technical support for project development, provides access to capital, engages in consumer education, and fosters climate tech innovation to advance the adoption of clean energy and energy efficiency products, services and technologies. 

Since 2008, MCEC has steadfastly led initiatives and programs aimed at decarbonizing businesses and institutions, educating Maryland residents of the benefits of clean energy, and enhancing sustainable technology and innovation to develop the economy.

Over the past decade and a half, MCEC has made meaningful accomplishments to contribute to advancing clean energy efforts. MCEC has generated over $100 million in grants awarded throughout the state of Maryland. Over $61 million in contract services to facilitate procurement and technical support, though MCEC’s diverse portfolio. Through this work, MCEC has led to 7,761 metric tons of avoided CO2 entering Maryland’s ecosystems. 

“Looking back at where Maryland was 15 years ago compared to where we are now is remarkable but looking forward to where we need to be is daunting,” Said Katherine Magruder, Executive Director for the Maryland Clean Energy Center. “With exciting new technologies coming to the market and more funding focused on advancing decarbonization than ever before, I am excited about the work MCEC will be doing in the future!”

Looking ahead, MCEC remains committed to advancing the clean energy economy in Maryland. MCEC will continue to support its partners in meeting their decarbonization goals, as well as increasing access to clean energy and energy efficiency products and services to low-to-moderate income (LMI) communities.

To celebrate the milestone, MCEC plans to host a series of events throughout the year, including a gala luncheon, legacy garden planting, and the annual Maryland Clean Energy Summit. The Summit will convene forward thinkers in policy and research, business and utility sector leaders, capital providers, and finance partners for vibrant conversations and thought-provoking presentations. Registration is currently open, with tickets for government, non-profit, and student offered at a discounted rate.