Experts Appointed to Identify Priorities and Strategies for Maryland’s Advanced Energy Economy

Energy professionals to share diverse experiences and sector perspectives as part of the 2023 MCEC Advisory Council

The Maryland Clean Energy Center (MCEC) has appointed 61 individuals to serve on its 2023 Advisory Council. The Council draws input from collaborative groups to advise MCEC in achieving its mission.

“Maryland set aggressive goals for carbon emissions reductions, renewable energy targets, and economic growth,” said Kathy Magruder, MCEC Executive Director. “As MCEC strategizes to fulfill its role in these areas, we can call on expertise and partnership from this diverse group of stakeholders serving on our Advisory Council.”

Advisory Council Members are consulted to help determine priority actions related to finance, outreach & education, policy & legislation, clean energy innovation, and impact measurement associated with market expansion for advanced energy in the state. Advisory Council members serve in a voluntary capacity for a term of one year.

For 2023, MCEC will be adding an Environmental Justice & Inclusion Committee to  Identify challenges of broadening inclusivity for climate justice that can be addressed by MCEC. Recommend initiatives to support environmental justice in relation to energy supply and demand in Maryland and the region. Establish partnerships and develop resources to support environmental justice in the energy sector.

Additional committee focus areas include: Education & Engagement, Finance, Innovation Advancement, and Legislation, Regulation & Policy.

The Maryland Clean Energy Center (MCEC) serves as a statewide green bank with a mission to transform the energy economy in Maryland by increasing clean energy jobs, driving commercialization of technological innovations, and enabling consumer adoption of clean energy products and services. MCEC facilitates access to capital through leveraged or direct investment and operates financing programs targeted to serve various consumer audiences and underserved communities. The center provides specialized procurement and technical support in order to facilitate and expedite project implementation.

2023 MCEC Advisory Council Roster