Environmental Justice in the Energy Sector

Underserved and disadvantaged communities are front and center with new directives for the spend of public dollars dedicated to addressing and mitigating climate change. Panelists will bring their perspectives and offer ideas related to the challenges of broadening inclusivity for  climate justice. They will also discuss questions related to how the consumer audience defined, the assistance programs in place, and the initiatives needed to bring about environmental justice in relation to energy supply and demand in Maryland and the region. This session will explore what is missing from the equation and identify the economic opportunities associated with addressing this market sector.

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Photo of Brooke Smallwood

Brooke Smallwood

Associate VP, CARIAN
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Photo of Charmaine Brown

Charmaine Brown

Vice President,
Finance of America
Photo of Joshua Galloway

Joshua Galloway

Director of Green Building Services,
New Ecology
Photo of Divesh Gupta

Divesh Gupta

Director of Strategy, Utility of the Future
Photo of Berneta Haynes

Berneta Haynes

Staff Attorney,
National Consumer Law Center
Photo of Sam Impink

Sam Impink

Chief Program Officer,
Fuel Fund of Maryland
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