Hardening Operations of Critical Infrastructure: Energy Storage & Renewable Generation for Resilience

Municipal governments, institutions, hospitals, and businesses are seeking solutions for resilience in their facilities to prepare for the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events. Our panel will highlight model project scenarios that can be replicated and share their knowledge of programs and resources designed to assist with project development and financing.

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Photo of Katherine Magruder

I. Kathy Magruder

Executive Director,
Maryland Clean Energy Center
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Photo of Brandon Bowser

Brandon Bowser

Energy Program Manager, CHP & Resilience, Maryland Energy Administration
Photo of Brandy Espinola

Brandy Espinola

Climate and Sustainability Program Manager, Environmental Finance Center, University of Maryland
Photo of Cherise Seals

Cherise Seals

Sr. Account Executive,
Photo of David Wright

Dave Wright

Director of Project Development, Groundswell
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