The Maryland Clean Energy Center (MCEC) is a corporate instrumentality of the state created by the General Assembly with a statute-directed mission to advance clean energy and energy efficiency products, services, and technologies as part of a specific economic development strategy.

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Maryland Energy Administration

Maryland Department of the Environment

Department of Housing and Community Development

Program NameSummary
Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP)Provides financial assistance with home heating bills. Payments are made to the fuel supplier and utility company on the customer’s behalf.
Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP)Provides financial assistance with electric bills. Eligible customers receive help that pays a portion of their current electric bills.
Arrearage Retirement AssistanceHelps customers with large, past due electric and gas bills. If eligible, customers may receive a grant for up to $2,000 towards their past due bill.
Utility Service Protection Program (USPP)Protects low-income families from utility turn-offs during the heating season. Must be MEAP eligible. Participation also requires a year-round even monthly budget billing.
Weatherization and Energy Efficiency ServicesReferral program that sends customer information to the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) for programs that can provide improvements and repairs to homes at no cost.
Local Weatherization Agencies (LWAs) for the Weatherization Assistance Program

State-Based Home Energy Efficiency Contractor Training Grants

The State-Based Home Energy Efficiency Contractor Training Grants makes $200 million available to state energy offices so they can train, test, and certify residential energy efficiency and electrification contractors.
Catholic Charities Esperanza Center Supports African foreign-born families concentrated in Northeast Baltimore and foreign-born families citywide.
The International Rescue Committee Supports refugee, asylees, and Mandarin/Korean speaking foreign-born families concentrated in Central, Northeast, and West Baltimore.
Southeast CDCSupports Latino foreign-born families in Southeast Baltimore.
Randallstown Islamic Center Islamic education, prayer services, community clean up, shelter, hospital visits
Maryland Institute of Development Counseling: Marital, Religious, and Emotional Counseling & Zakat

Allegany County Human Resources Development Commission

Citizen's Environmental Commission

Department of Housing and Community Development

Anne Arundel Community Action Agency

Maryland Rural Development Corporation

Program NameSummary
Economic Development Revenue BondTax-Exempt Bonds provide access to long term capital markets for fixed-asset financing at tax exempt rates. Eligibility is limited by Federal tax law to 501(c) (3) non-profit organizations, manufacturing facilities and certain energy projects.
Arundel Community Reinvestment (ACR) FundThe ACR offers loans up to $100,000 to be repaid over three to seven years at zero percent interest. Loans are limited to 90% of total project costs.Eligible improvements include renovation and upgrades to building exteriors and site improvements, including landscaping.
Citizens Environmental CommissionsThe Anne Arundel County Citizens Environmental Commission recommends actions to protect the county’s environmental resources, promote clean, renewable energy solutions, and defend its shorelines and communities from rising sea levels.

Sustainability Office

Department of Housing and Community Development

Program NameSummary
Baltimore Energy InitiativeThe Office of Sustainable Energy and its partners, Healthy Neighborhoods Inc. and The Reinvestment Fund, are offering low-interest loans to make your buildings more energy efficient. This program can finance energy upgrades such as improving lighting efficiency, replacing old “energy hog” boilers, hot water heaters and HVAC equipment, or converting to efficient kitchen appliances.
Baltimore Energy ChallengeBaltimore Energy Challenge has helped thousands of residents across the City reduce their energy usage through grassroots peer-to-peer engagement in neighborhoods, schools, business and faith communities.
Energy Efficiency ProgramThe Energy Efficiency Program is a free program to Baltimore City residents to include installation of energy and water conservation equipment.
LIGHT Intake & Assessment UnitLIGHT assists Baltimore City residents in obtaining and coordinating the delivery of a variety of no- and low-cost services to help them become more self-sufficient, safer, more stable and healthier in their homes.

Sustainability and Planning Office

Office of Energy Efficiency

Office of Grant Development & Administration

Program NameSummary
Energy Audit ProgramBowie homeowners have the opportunity to save money and improve the comfort and safety of their homes by completing a free BGE Home Performance with Energy Star home energy audit. This program is limited to the first 50 City of Bowie homeowners who submit an application each fiscal year.
Town Energy Saving TipsProvides energy saving tips for Levitt homes (One of the original "Bowie homes" built by Levitt & Son).
Lightbulb EducationProvides lightbulb education for Bowie residents, assisting them in making informed decisions on energy saving and energy efficient lightbulbs.
Bowie Climate Action PlanThe Climate Action Plan Implementation Plan was recently approved by Council. This serves as a follow-up to the Climate Action plan which was approved via Resolution R-47-20.

Department of the Environment

Housing Authority

Program NameSummary
EV Charging MapA map for Charles county residents containing EV charging stations.

Environmental Advisory Council

Carroll County Bureau of Housing and Community Development

Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc.

Program NameSummary
Community Solar ProgramA property owner can subscribe to any community solar facility in your power company’s service area with available subscriptions.
Solar in Carroll County (Permitting and Zoning)The home page for solar programming in Carroll County.
Solar Zoning RequirementsProvides details on zoning requirements for solar installation in Carroll County.
Residential solar permit requirementsProvides details on residential solar permit requirements in Carroll County.

Division of Energy and Environment

Division of Housing

Housing and Human Services

United Communities Against Poverty

Program NameSummary
Residential Power Saver Retrofit ProgramFor low- to moderate-income households, the Power Saver Retrofits program provides a free assessment of a home's energy use and what improvements might be made to conserve energy.
Green Homes ChallengeThe Green Homes Challenge guides, rewards, and recognizes households for saving energy, adopting green lifestyle practices, and using renewable energy.

Garret County Community Action

Program NameSummary
First Energy CorpEletric utility
Somerset Rural Eletric CooperativeEletric Utility

Office of Environmental Services

Division of Housing and Community Development

Program NameSummary
Building Energy Disclosure & Performance StandardsOn April 19, 2022, the Montgomery County Council unanimously voted to pass Bill 16-21 The amendments modified the legislation in two keys ways: 1) Additional buildings are being covered; and 2) Building energy performance standards are being established.
Green Energy InitiativeThe data from these audits have been analyzed and two tools created. Getting an energy audit is still the best idea, but these tools give you a snapshot of what is likely to be recommended as well as potential cost savings.
Green Building InitiativeGaithersburg’s programs seek to encourage green building principles to be applied in both public & private development in order to support environmentally sensitive design, construction, operation, and maintenance of buildings & landscapes.
Energy & Green Building Incentive ProgramProvides all energy and green building incentive programs available in the Town of Gaithersburg.

Department of Housing and Community Development

Office of Environmental Services

Harford County Community Action Agency

Program NameSummary
Car Free DayHarford County participates in Car Free Day, and encourages residents to explore alternative transportation options every day.
Civic Works Energy ProgramCivic Works is a state-assigned local weatherization agency serving Harford and Baltimore Counties. Offers free and reduced-cost energy efficiency home upgrades which can lower utility bills.

Community Sustainability Office

Dept. of Housing and Community Development

Live Green Howard

Community Action Council of Howard County

Program NameSummary
Community Action CouncilAssists low to moderate income homeowners and renters permanently reduce their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient. Services are based on an energy audit and typically include installing insulation, reducing air infiltration, sealing and repairing ducts, and tuning and repairing heating and cooling units.
Home Energy DatabaseProvides tools give homeowners a snapshot of what is likely to be recommended as well as potential cost savings.
Reinvest Renovate Restore ProgramThe housing repair loan program can help income eligible Howard County homeowners make necessary repairs to their homes. The housing repairs can be done to meet local housing codes for health and safety conditions.

Office of Energy and Sustainability

Department of Housing and Community Affairs

Montgomery County Community Action Agency

Program NameSummary
Teleworking MovementProvides information on the benefits of the teleworking movement.
Green Your CommuteProvides information on the benefits of commuting, accessing public transportation, and other alternative forms of commuting.
P.O.W.E.R. ProgramPeer Outreach With Energy Resources (P.O.W.E.R) is an internship program for high school students in Montgomery County, Maryland, training students to provide energy education presentations at public libraries.
Maryland Energy Tax Free WeekendThe sales and use tax-free weekend, called Shop Maryland Energy, takes place in February and applies to the sale of a qualified Energy Star product or a solar water heater that is sold between 12:01 a.m. on the Saturday immediately preceding the third Monday in February and 11:59 p.m. on the third Monday of February.
Youth Energy StarsThis kid-friendly program features friendly mascots who teach kids (and adults) how they can use less energy by making simple changes.
Lighten Up!Provides Montomgery County residents and business a place to swap lightbulbs.
BEPSBuilding Energy Performance Standards set a minimum energy performance threshold for existing covered buildings. BEPS is a policy tool that addresses energy performance and drives existing buildings to improve their energy efficiency over a set time period, thus reducing carbon emissions.
Energy BenchmarkingProvides information on the Montgomery County energy benchmarking laws.
Montgomery County Green BankThe Montgomery County Green Bank is a publicly chartered 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to accelerating energy efficiency, renewable energy, and clean energy investment in Montgomery County, MD.
Energy Resiliency and Clean Energy Project Update MapA map fo all solar projects in the county.
Focused Neighborhood Assistance ProgramThe Focused Neighborhood Assistance (FNA) Program facilitates common area as well as selected, qualified individual home improvement projects in older residential communities within Montgomery County. The Program utilizes Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) to assist homeowner communities with targeted improvement projects, which includes the full costs for architectural and engineering design services specific to each community project.

Sustainability Office

Department of Housing and Community Development

Division of Energy

Environmental Office

Program NameSummary
Housing Investment Trust FundThe Housing Investment Trust Fund (HITF) serves as a vehicle to provide Gap Financing with an emphasis on supporting the development of new construction, rehabilitation and preservation of existing affordable housing while targeting households earning up to 120% of the area median income (AMI).
Green Energy Loan ProgramAs part of the Prince George’s County Green Bank, FSC First will administer (originate, underwrite and service) the program to provide financing for building energy efficiency improvements, energy conservation and renewable energy measures.,%24250%2C000%20Loam%20Term%3A%20Not%20to%20exceed%2020%20years
Energy Efficiency GrantThe Clean Energy Program, Energy Efficiency grant award provides up to $7,500 in funds for residential energy efficiency measures, in addition to Pepco and Washington Gas incentives.
Solar Energy GrantThis grant award, coupled with state energy incentives, provides assistance to residents to access the benefits of solar photovoltaic (PV) and/or solar water heater upon the successful implementation of energy-efficiency (electricity and natural gas) measures.
Solar PV GrantThe incentive amount depends on whether the system is owned by the homeowner or a third-party: The incentive amount depends on whether the system is owned by the homeowner or a third-party: The incentive amount depends on whether the system is owned by the homeowner or a third-party. Eligible costs include any parts, components, or accessory equipment necessary to operate and/or install the device.
Solar Water Heater GrantThe incentive amount depends on whether the solar water heating system is owned by the homeowner or a third-party. Eligible costs include any parts, component, or accessory equipment necessary to operate and/or install the device.

Office of Environment and Sustainability

Community Assistance

Program NameSummary
Electric Vehicle Readiness PlanThe City of Rockville is developing the city's first Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness Plan. Many residents and fleet managers already recognize the benefits of converting to electric fuel sources.
Electric Vehicle Readiness PlanThe City of Rockville is developing the city's first Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness Plan. Many residents and fleet managers already recognize the benefits of converting to electric fuel sources.
Rockville's Climate Action PlanThe Climate Action Plan (CAP) provides a road map to equitably reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and prepare the community to adapt to a changing climate. Community stakeholders, staff and a technical consultant worked together to develop the plan which was adopted by City of Rockville Mayor and Council on Jan. 10, 2022.

Office of Energy Assistance

Environmental Management Office

Housing Authority

Washington County Community Action Council

Office of Environmental Programs

Housing Authority