Solar Workforce Development is Having Its Moment in the Sun!

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Guest Article Submitted by Solar Landscape Successful workforce development programs benefit underserved communities when they provide trainees a pathway to family-sustaining careers. Recently, Solar Landscape’s Kevin Dunshee spoke at the Maryland Clean Energy Center’s 2023 Legislative Reception.  “The only thing worse than no training at all, is training that does not provide a pathway to…

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Why am I hearing so much about nuclear energy?


Guest Editorial by John Kotek – Senior Vice President, Policy and Public Affairs for the Nuclear Energy Institute I get the same question with increasing regularity. “Why am I hearing so much about nuclear energy?” The answer boils down to two key considerations for a decarbonizing grid – reliability and cost. As Maryland and a…

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Ways to Realistically Achieve Sustainability Goals

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Chances are your company has made commitments to environmental sustainability, but do you truly understand what they are? Do you know how to address them – or even where to start? For organizations, energy sustainability means being able to meet corporate efficiency goals through strategic solutions, including renewable energy options and energy efficiency initiatives. These…

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Maryland Needs Nuclear Power to Meet its Clean Energy Goals


Maryland is at a crossroads when it comes to its energy future. The damage caused by burning fossil fuels is already at our doorsteps in Maryland and can be felt around the country. In the US, air pollution is responsible for around 100,000 premature deaths each year and costs the U.S. $1 trillion per year.…

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