MCEC's office is located in University of Maryland Tech Ventures Building, in College Park, in order to be more closely aligned in partnership with the Maryland Energy Innovation Institute.

The Maryland Energy Innovation Institute (MEII) provides a platform to catalyze basic research into new technology while stimulating economic growth and improving millions of lives across the state of Maryland. The Institute will bring together science, industry, government and economic leaders to develop new energy technologies and facilitate the transfer of technology ideas into a reality. Through this truly interdisciplinary team, the institute will develop solutions to global and local energy problems (i.e. cleaner and renewable energy solutions; more efficient use and storage of energy) and assist the transfer of knowledge and resources to the public in addition to transitioning the research into marketable products and services through locally based entrepreneurial ventures.

Through collaboration with MEII, MCEC is exploring opportunities to expand our capability to support advanced energy technology commercialization in the future.